Travel Services

Standard Travel Services


Credit facilities can be granted to your company according to the provisions of the prescribed business application form which must be signed, accepted and lodged with XL Turners Travel.

Where we are required to make advance payments to suppliers, as in the case of international land arrangements, we will need to transfer the money by means of a foreign currency transaction and will request the payments from you before we effect the transfer. This policy will also apply to prepayments and deposits, which are required to secure arrangements.


Accurate traveller profiles are an essential part of any travel management system. With it we can provide each traveller with services appropriate to their individual requirements and preferences, while adhering to your corporate Travel Policy.

The traveller logs in to our system and creates their own traveller profile in a safe and secure environment. The software synchronises this information with all the necessary systems and online booking tools, ensuring the travellers choices comply with the company’s travel policy.

The system is compliant in terms of the protection of personal information legislation (POPI) and the Payment Card Industry requirements (PCI DSS).


We strongly recommend the use of lodged travel credit cards in order to take full advantage of the excellent complimentary life and medical cover offered. We accept all major credit cards and would welcome the opportunity to further discuss the benefits of this with you.


  • A single consolidated statement of monthly transactions
  • Extended credit facilities
  • Complimentary travel insurance
  • Loyalty Programme credits on Corporate and Personal credit cards


In addition to our interactive website, and social media networking, we keep in touch with our clients through our monthly newsletter which has a host of valuable travel related information and exciting special leisure packages.

We also issue travel alerts from the industry and our global partners relating to local and international situations which may impact on your business travel arrangements and appointments.


Our team is committed to delivering the highest quality of service to your exact requirements. Representatives from our management and key account management division will be in regular contact to ensure you are kept informed of the latest travel developments and to get your feedback, which is essential for us to tailor our service and respond to your needs.

Our continued personal service and quarterly reviews ensure standards and service levels are maintained. Management are fully briefed on the status of the account providing for a seamless partnership.