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Management Information Systems

Let us help you manage your travel more effectively.

XL Turners Travel uses a sophisticated automated back-office accounting system, designed specifically for the travel industry. This system records all travel data and financial transactions presenting this information in a variety of report formats. Quality management reports are a vital tool when it comes to budgeting, analysing travel patterns and for negotiating pricing structures with suppliers.

In addition to the comprehensive reporting provided by our primary system XL Turners Travel now provides Qlik Sense, a visual analytics platform, further enhancing our reporting technology.


Each month our clients receive the following standard reports:


This report provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s travel expenditure for a defined period. Our systems capture the data from every transaction we have processed on your behalf. It is an effective control document and is of great benefit for reconciliation and budget purposes and allows for the identification of out of policy behavior.

The report features the following information:

  • A detailed description of the services provided
  • Detailed cost analysis
  • Passenger’s details
  • Your company order numbers and, or cost centres


The following reports are also available:

  • Month to month comparison reports
  • Year on Year comparison reports
  • Policy exception reports
  • Analysis by cost centre, department, division or project
  • Analysis by suppliers
  • Individual performance reports
  • Carbon Emission Reports

Additional customized reports are also available.



XL Turners Travel generates a Cost Savings Report detailing all travel transactions and savings on flights. This report will show each travellers’ expenditure and their savings on flights which were discounted. These amounts are reflected in both a percentage and a Rand value. This has significant implications for the management and control of the travel budget.

The report features the following information:

  • Average published airfare for the journey
  • Least expensive fare offered to the traveller
  • Final fare accepted by the traveller
  • Difference if any reflecting potential or actual saving
  • A reason why the more expensive fare was accepted

These reports allow you to measure and manage your travel spend effectively and consequently provide the controls to implement travel savings.