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Airplane food has a whole new connotation for passengers flying premium on Singapore Airlines.

If you book a seat in its premium economy class, you can cheers with a glass of Charles de Cazanove Brut Tradition NV Champagne after take-off — and finish off a three-course meal with a chocolate Feuilletine cake.

Singapore Airlines announced its new premium economy class in-flight experience last week. The update goes into effect on March 31 and includes an enhanced selection of food and beverage options.

The menu has over 200 items and each meal will consist of a seasonal appetizer, main course, bread, dessert, and cheese and crackers.

“Since its introduction in 2015, Premium Economy Class has become popular with our customers,” said Yeoh Phee Teik, Singapore Airlines’ senior vice president of customer experience. “They appreciate the added amenities, heightened comfort, and the extra personal space it offers, all at an excellent value.”

The revamp is based on customer feedback and market research to deliver a more personalized and world-class in-flight experience, Teik said in the statement.

Singapore Airlines has been ranked as one of the best carriers in the world. Singapore Airlines

It’s been ranked as much by the Airline Passenger Experience Association and airline ranking website Skytrax.

The carrier is also famous for operating the world’s longest flight, which treks some 9,500 miles between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Singapore.

Its premium economy class is available on 74 aircraft, which is about half of the airline’s passenger fleet.

Premium economy seats are installed on Airbus A350s, Airbus A380s, and Boeing 777-300ERs, according to Singapore.

The cabin is available on routes to 17 countries from Singapore, including major cities in the United States.

Premium meals come with a seasonal appetizer, main course, bread, dessert, and cheese and crackers.

You can choose from an international or Asian main course on every flight. Some of the highlights include Bak Chor Mee, which is minced pork noodles or Thai-style Crab Curry, served with rice and seasonal vegetables with an egg.

The airline also added new appetizers, like garlic roasted prawns with smoked aioli and Spanish fried potatoes. Passengers can also request upgraded bread options like croissants for breakfast and garlic bread rolls with other meals.

You can also pre-select a meal from the “Book the Cook” menu, also available in first-class and business-class. This menu offers up to 20 dishes available on rotation, and you can pre-order your requested meal 24 hours before departure.

The menu includes popular regional dishes like Singapore-style seafood Hor Fun and Chicken Biryani, as well as Sake Teriyaki, which is salmon in Teriyaki sauce. It also features plant-based dishes, such as Mushroom Eggplant Meatballs.

All meals are served on a linen-lined tray with glazed porcelain plates and tucked silverware.

Singapore Airlines sources its wine from vineyards in the world’s most famous regions. Premium passengers can choose from the airline’s wine consultants through a blind tasting process.

The options include Charles de Cazanove Brut Tradition NV Champagne, a 2023 Wairau River Sauvignon Blanc, and the 2022 St. Hallett Faith Shiraz. You can also choose from an extensive list of spirits, cocktails, and beers.

Or, you can indulge in non-alcoholic beverage options, like Cadbury hot chocolate, peppermint tea, or a range of fruit juices and soft drinks.

Between meals, passengers can also request a wide assortment of snacks, like nuts, potato chips, assorted buns, sandwiches, muffins, and flavored popcorn.

Singapore will hand out amenity kits to premium passengers on flights seven hours or longer. The amenity kits are made by the environmentally friendly US-based manufacturer, Out of the Woods. The pouch includes eyeshades, slippers, and lip balm.

Its luxurious first-class seating offers spacious suites complete with a separate bed, and a restaurant dining experience for as much as $23,000 round trip. The A380 is not currently deployed on US routes.

Business class offers similar luxuries with a large lie-flat bed and gourmet food.

But even the economy class offers all kinds of perks, including a long list of cocktails, hot drinks, snacks, and second meals. Economy travelers also get perks like a blanket and cupholder in coach.

Economy class passengers can also access complimentary notepads, razors, and birthday cakes for special occasions.

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