Breaking News: SA market blocked by Mauritius

Today, Travel News received a trade communication from the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) announcing that Mauritius will be welcoming international travellers from July 15.

But when we made specific enquiries about South Africans, our joy turned to disappointment as MTPA revealed that flights from South Africa will not be allowed, nor will travellers who have been in South Africa during the 14 days prior to boarding a Mauritius-bound flight.

The MTPA release says the island will be opening in phases during 2021.The first phase, from July 15 to September 30 2021, will see admission for vaccinated travellers only (excluding SA-originating passengers), and they will be confined to their resort (chosen from a list of designated resorts), but will be able to enjoy facilities within their resort premises, including the swimming pool and beach.

If guests stay longer than 14 days and have negative PCR test results on day 7 and day 14, during the confined resort stay, they will be able to explore the island’s attractions. If on a shorter vacation, they may leave the resort earlier and travel back home.

Travel News’ enquiries about South Africans being allowed entry,  brought the following response from MTPA: “South Africans who have been fully vaccinated can travel to Mauritius, but they need to have been outside South Africa for at least 14 days prior to boarding an approved flight to Mauritius.”

A list of pre-approved Covid-19 safe resorts will be available from June 20 at

Travellers aged 18 years or over must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. They will need a negative PCR test result dated 5 to 7 days before departure and will also need to undergo another PCR test on arrival at the airport in Mauritius, plus another one on day 7 and yet another on day 14 of their resort holiday.

Phase 2, from October 1, 2021, will see vaccinated travellers being allowed entry without being restricted to one resort. These travellers will need to present a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours before departure.

Unvaccinated travellers arriving in Mauritius during phase 1 and 2, will be subject to 14 days in-room quarantine.