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Ireland is visa-free again
The consular staff at the Embassy of Ireland in Pretoria have confirmed that "shortly", South African passport holders will no ...
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Virgin reopens SA-UK route
After five and a half months with no passenger services between South Africa and the UK, Virgin Atlantic will resume ...
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UK’s green list shrinks as red and amber grows
Although England and the UK claim they are liberalising travel and holidays for their inhabitants and visitors, the Green List ...
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Heathrow opens ‘red’ terminal
Heathrow Airport opened a new terminal on June 1 for arrivals from ‘red list’ countries. Travellers on flights from red-listed ...
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Hello United!
The joy and jubilation around the landing of the inaugural flight of United Airlines from New York Newark to Johannesburg ...
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Seychelles makes U-turn on SA travellers
A day after announcing that Seychelles would reopen to all South African travellers, the destination has overturned its own decision ...
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