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SAA cancels 162 flights due to coronavirus
JOHANNESBURG - South African Airways (SAA) said on Wednesday that it had cancelled 162 international and regional flights until the ...
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UPDATE: SA Express has suspended all operations
UPDATE: SA Express will be suspending all operations from 18 March indefinitely in light of adverse developments, including regarding the ...
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MSC halts South African cruises amid coronavirus outbreak
MSC Cruises will stop all remaining South African cruises for the cruise season ending April 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic, ...
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COVID-19: US Disney parks close
Disney parks in California and Florida are set to close to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Disneyland California The two ...
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Here are all the border post South Africa is closing to combat Covid-19
South Africa is closing two-thirds of its border posts on land, and two out of eight sea ports will not ...
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COVID-19: UAE, India and Seychelles close ports to cruise ships
UAE, India and the Seychelles have closed their ports to cruise ships due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Marco Cristofoli, ceo ...
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