Repatriation Flights

Repatriation Flights


Repatriation Flights out of or back to South Africa

XL Turners Travel provides professional advice and assistance for all repatriation flights, in or out of South Africa.

Since many borders around the world have closed and the international flight network has come to a grinding halt, some may find it difficult or near impossible to get home. No need to panic!

South African citizens and permanent residents who find themselves in this situation may be able to board on a repatriation flight even if commercial flight options are non-existent.


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What is a Repatriation Flight?

Repatriation flights are special charter flights organised by your government to bring citizens back to their country of origin. These flights are usually only available to citizens or permanent residents of the arrival country and are generally point-to-point flights — meaning passengers are responsible for any onward transportation upon arrival.

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