Satisfaction at your fingertips

Packed with useful features and great travel content, you will love interacting with your XLGO app.


Save time

Save time by receiving automated itinerary delivery, providing detailed trip information and digitizing the experience.


Unique user experience

The solution adapts to any journey, providing a unique user experience.


Duty of Care

360 Engagement


OBT Integration

Expense Tracking


Daily Program

Includes all the details you will need for the entire day. You can add activities, places to visit, schedules, the duration of each place, locations, descriptions, pictures and more. Travellers can be sent a scheduled notification reminder prior to an activity.


Activities Rating & Reviews

Travellers can provide valuable feedback by rating and reviewing trip activities.


Optional Activities

Includes optional activities that you can book within the mobile app.


Tour Leader Feature

Tour Leaders can locate and send messages to members of their trip.


Group Chat

Chat wall, chat with the tour leader, one-on-one chat.


Pre & Post Trip Options


Trip planning made easy

The traveller can plan what they want to visit ahead of time, which restaurants they want to go to and where they’d like to shop. The offline map displays their itinerary and the traveller can even set the order of each stop automatically to optimize their journey.


Trip Genius™

The Trip Genius™ feature automatically generates daily itineraries based on the user’s travel preferences, opening hours, the popularity of the place, location and more


Cruise Itinerary Details & Booking Information

Display the cruise itinerary with destination guides and maps for each stop. All the details the traveller requires are included in the booking information.


Booking Excursions

Each stop includes the option to book excursions.


Ship Location Reminder & Notification

While the app stores the ship’s location, the traveller can also receive a push notification that reminds them to head back to the ship. By pressing the notification, the app displays offline directions back to the ship.


Dynamic Itinerary Map

An offline map displays the global itinerary with each cruise stop, along with the real-time location of the ship during the cruise.


Offline travel guides with over 1800 destinations worldwide

Integrate your preferred expense management solution

Attractions, restaurants, nightlife, worldwide shopping, etc.

Trip Genius™ for suggested itineraries according to preferences

Trip Journal and social media sharing

Augmented reality



  • Detailed flight information
  • Online check-in and flight management
  • Real-time flight updates and alerts (delays, cancellations, gate changes, baggage claims)
  • Flight amenities (wifi, meals, entertainment, seat type, etc)
  • Book airport transfer and purchase baggage protection
  • Local weather forecast
  • Airport lounges
  • Uber and Lyft integration
  • Airline baggage policy


Airport Maps

  • Display traveller location and departure gate location
  • Restaurants, bars, cafes, shopping and services


Work offline

  • Accommodation Information about the accommodation with booking details, map and directions.
  • Travellers can provide valuable feedback by rating and reviewing the accommodation.


1,800+ Destinations

A selection of cities, regions, islands and countries.


Thousands of Places

With pictures, descriptions, opening hours, prices, traveller reviews, etc.


Your Personalized Recommendations

Provides you with exciting suggestions for places or activities.


Editorial Travel Content

Detailed articles with a nice mix of cultural and practical information about each destination.


Augmented Reality

A visual display of surrounding places with opening hours, distance, and ratings.


And Much More

Postcards, nearby discovery features, weather, currency converter, etc


Booking Engine

You can book your flights, hotels, and even rent a car through your mobile app. The booking engine is connected to your XL Travel Member Agency as well as many third-party providers.



80% of travellers book activities and extras within 30 days of travel (source: Tnooz). You will receive suggestions for activities and services, as you plan your trip on XLGO. Some of these suggestions include: attraction tickets, city cards, tours & activities, car rentals, airport transfers, hotel & flight bookings, local SIM cards, travel insurance, and more.


Customer Support

  • Phone
  • Email
  • In-App Messaging
  • Text Message
  • WhatsApp


Pro-active notifications

Personalized dynamic rules automatically deliver notifications at each stage of your journey on your smartphone, tablet and smartwatch.

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