FlySafair passengers can now receive their boarding passes via WhatsApp

CAPE TOWN – FlySafair announced that its passengers will now have the option to send their boarding passes straight to their phones via WhatsApp, once they’ve completed the check-in process.

The company stated that it will be beneficial to passengers who have not made the booking themselves or where passengers have supplied an incorrect contact number during the booking process.

In addition, passengers who have made bookings for multiple passengers will have the option to send each boarding pass, individually, to each person’s phone, via WhatsApp.

Customers can add this option on their Whatsapp’s

FlySafair’s head of sales and distribution; Kirby Gordon said: “Over and above providing a low-fare and on-time travel experience, we want to ensure that our passengers have access to a hassle-free experience. And that is what we aim to achieve by enabling our passengers to receive their boarding pass via WhatsApp. Our commitment to provide a solid and convenient experience goes beyond the service our passengers receive in the skies, it begins on the ground.”


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