Added Value Services

Added Value Services


Our consultants offer expert advice on the procedures for obtaining South African passports.

We also welcome the opportunity to manage all your visa requirements. Once the necessary forms have been completed, we will arrange delivery to and collection from the respective consulates and embassies.

In the case of the traveller having to apply online or with the Consulate directly we will assist with the process, wherever possible.


We are aware that you sometimes must make decisions to travel at short notice based on your business schedules and appointments. We provide a 24-hour emergency travel service with a dedicated consultant on duty to assist you.

In corporate travel, short-notice bookings are a fact of life and our excellent relationship with airlines and car hire companies allow us to provide the best possible solutions in the least amount of time.


Travel insurance is essential for every traveller and details of the most suitable insurance regarding baggage, medical and/or personal accident cover is available from our consultants.

Insurance policies can be issued on request.

While most credit cards offer limited insurance cover, we suggest that all travellers have additional personalised insurance policy with comprehensive cover.


All air tickets are issued electronically but where hard-copies of travel related documents are required, XL Turners Travel has express delivery vehicles which service Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that there is an XL Turners Travel expert backing you up 24/7.


To minimise inconvenience and save time spent out of the office, arrangements can be made to deliver foreign exchange directly to your corporate offices on an appointment basis.

Foreign currency allowance and passport endorsements will be effected simultaneously.


XL Turners Travel is committed to providing safe and secure travel. We take great care to ensure our business travellers are informed, updated during their trip, and are assisted in any situation which may require our intervention.

This may be as simple as a telephone call or a message with reassuring advice right up to evacuation procedures in the event of war.

XL Turners Travel has systems in place that can locate and track a company’s travellers anywhere in the world.

We are happy to assist in setting up a travel policy that includes risk management and complies with duty of care.


We prepare a detailed itinerary for your trip so that you have an easy to read reference guide which will eliminate confusion and ensure a hassle-free journey.

The itineraries include dates and travel times, airport terminals and check-in requirements, flight numbers, aircraft types and duration of the journey, as well as hotel names, addresses, telephone numbers.

Itineraries can be styled to your own specific requirements and can incorporate your appointments and other business-related information.


XLGO is a Travel App which places your detailed itinerary, accommodation and car hire information at your fingertips, anywhere at any time. It works on all mobile devices and the user interface is designed for ease of navigation.

The App provides real time updates to the traveller’s itinerary and reduces reliance on emails and other forms of communication.